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W elcome to the online collections of images by artist Larry Kanfer. All images in the collections are available in a range of sizes except for those with product numbers that include LE or NY. Please contact the Larry Kanfer Gallery for details on size, finishes, pricing and shipping options, or look online at

New Larry Kanfer Images from all the Collections! /new Fall'02 , /new2 Spring'03 , /new3 Fall'03 , /new4 Fall'04, /new5 Spring'05, /new6 Summer'05, /new7 Fall'05, /new8 Fall'06, /new9 Fall'07, /new10 Fall'08, /new11, Summer’09 /new12, Spring’10 /new13, Spring’11 /new14, Fall’12

Unlimited Visions Visit the magical collection of Interpreted Images(tm) unveiled at the 25 year anniversary of the Larry Kanfer Gallery

CITYSCAPES: Celebrating the Theatre of Urban Adventure, Opened April 8, 2006

Images from CHINA: Opened April 12, 2007

CELEBRATE CU: A Captivating View of the Town You Love Opened April, 2009

"Inside India": Opened April 2012

Prairiescapes portfolios: Prairiescapes 1, Prairiescapes 2, Prairiescapes 3, Prairiescapes 4, Prairiescapes 5, Prairiescapes 6, Prairiescapes 7, Prairiescapes 8, Prairiescapes 9, Prairiescapes 10

European portfolios: European 1, European 2, European 3

Coast-to-coast portfolios: Coast-to-coast 1, Coast-to-coast 2, Coast-to-coast 3, Coast-to-coast 4

Minnesota porfolios: Minnesota 1, Minnesota 2, Minnesota 3

Chicago portfolios: Chicago 1, Chicago 2, Lincoln Park, Lincoln Park 2, Lincoln Park 3

University portfolios: University 1, University 2, University 3, University 4, University 5, University 6

Portraiture portfolio: Portraiture See more at our Portraiture Website


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